Audition Ph: The Next Showdown Patch Update

Finally we got to see Audition Ph in its finest [so far, that is], the latest and biggest patch e-Games ever had for this game was finally launched this morning, and as expected, we got loads of new stuff and changes in the game:

Minor Changes:

Although these are only minute, I’d still add these so that people may appreciate the game more than leaving them unnoticed. XD

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Upcoming Club Event: Regular Se7en

We’re going to hold a ‘Regulars’ contest. These will be deemed as the top seven of the club, and will represent the club in future contests.

PLease stay tuned for updates 😀

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Blog Update

Updates as of 08-22-07:

  • New members added to Blogroll: mikolit123 and GM Lowe. You can view their blogs at the sidebar of the site.
  • New page: Artist of the Month. For the month of August, we’ll be featuring Lee Hyori. You can check it at this link.

That’s all for now. 🙂

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Audition Philippines Patch Update [08/15/07]

Audition Ph had a new patch yesterday and yes, they’ve had a couple of major updates in the game. After a half day of waiting, the Audition players were surprised to see these changes:

New Audition Screen!

It’s good to see our game screen in a new and better look! This includes the world screen, game lobby and waiting room. You can also view the players in a specific room by right-clicking on it.


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Club Exoduz Dance Video

This was the first video that Club Exoduz ever produced. This video was directed and edited by Croze (Arc Alie Studio director, CE2 Club Master and Exoduz Board of Regents member) and with the help of Muheru, SilverLance and Yhuann for assisting in this video. This Video was shot last March 2007. Almost all of the Club Exoduz Members participated in this video. We saw here the cooperation, unity and discipline of each member. And were glad that this video was very successful.

Copyright © 2007
Arc Alie Studio
Club Exoduz

“No part of this production can be for sale or rent without Prior Consent from Club Exoduz or Arc Aile Studio”

“All songs Copyright © by their respective Owners”

Club Exoduz Video. Watch it and Enjoy!

Club Exoduz “mikolit123”
Club Executive for Administration Officer / Exoduz Community Team

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Member Blogroll and Links Added

One minor update has been made. Viewers can now visit the member’s blogs through our Member Blogroll. It can be seen at the navigation column at the right side of the page. 😀

For those Exoduz members who wish to have their blogs added to the list, you can PM any of the club officers through their YM or in-game.

Some Audition-related sites were also added, including the club’s official website, E-Games thread and forums. They are also accessible at the navigation bar at the right.

As for the header, we’ll be able to make one as soon as the club logo has been decided.

That’s all for today. ^_^

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New Blog!

This is the new blog of Club Exoduz. Here you will see the post of one’s everyday life as a member of our club, and ultimately, as a member of the Audition Community.

 Laugh, think, cry or even sympathize to each of our member’s stories as they unfold; let their experiences touch your lives.

Welcome to Life. Welcome to Audition. Welcome to Club Exoduz.

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